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They see me walking, they hating
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((Reiko Ishida continued from The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons))

Reiko was, to put it simply, pissed off. Over the course of the day, she had run into nothing but idiots, and the only person she had met so far that was even remotely friendly had been with an overbearing sister. She continued to press on, her feet protesting slightly. When was the last time she had walked for a considerable amount of time? Usually she would be roller blading if she had to go any great distance. Oh well, at least she was in shape, so it wasn't so bad.

As the girl walked, she idly caught the chain hanging out of her pocket, tugging the leather wallet out. It was a simple wallet, black leather with a chain attached to it, which in turn was clipped onto one of her belt loops. It was kept closed by a single metal clasp, which Reiko popped open with her thumb. Inside was some money, which was now useless, some plastic cards, also useless now, and a series of three wallet sized pictures, one behind the other behind a thin sheet of plastic. The first picture, which was the only one visible, was an old, tattered picture of her and her sister from when they were 16. Reiko was holding the large trophy she had won in her figure skating contest, while Reika had in her hands a much smaller, but just as impressive plaque she was awarded for passing her final level in piano. Reiko smiled fondly at the memory of that day, which quickly turned into her wondering where Reika was. She was starting to get worried.

Closing the wallet again, Reiko slipped it back into her pocket. She knew what she had to do. Reika was out there still. Probably alone, probably crying. Reika was so kind. She didn't deserve to be in this situation. None of them did. It just wasn't fair. Who was this Danya fucker to decide their fates? No, Reiko wasn't going to go down quietly. She was going to find Reika. She would find Sarah. She would find Paige, Carol, Amber, Ben, and Jacob. They would find a way out of this, together. Sarah would figure something out. She was probably already working on a plan. Which meant it was Reiko's job to find the others and gather. She would do anything it takes to find and protect her friends.

G068 Chan, Yuan Stephanie
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