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Sure enough, Maxwell's little stunt had drawn the little oriental girl's attention quite masterfully. After all, even a deaf man could have heard that (Intentionally) pathetic cry of pain that he'd just let out. Now all he had to do is convince her to......

"Are you alright dude?"

What the devil?!?

Seems his plan had worked a little TOO well. Not only did he attract Reiko's attention whilst keeping up his façade as a charmingly awkward gentleman, but from the looks of things he also attracted the attention of some ginger-haired simpleton as well...

How the bloody hell did I not spot him earlier?!? Its not like he's inconspicuous or anything, the bastard stands out like a sore thumb!

Hmm... Guess I should reply.

"What? OH! Oh, don't worry. I'm fine!" he stuttered, slowly getting up from his sprawled state on the floor as he dusted himself off. He managed to get most of the dry dirt off of him, although that didn't change the fact that his once white jacket and trousers would from now on have a distinctly brown tone to them...

"I just slipped, thats all! Barely a scratch on me..." Well... Okay, maybe one or two bruises. But nothing serious that's for sure...

"Think you could go be an idiot somewhere else? I would rather be alone right now."

Oh... You little bitch.

Admittedly, he probably should have expected such a remark from her. After all, that's precisely the kind of thing he'd of said to someone who'd just tumbled down a hill like an idiot. That being said, he didn't expect Reiko to have been the kind of girl to say such a thing. She seemed so... Quiet, back at the prom. Never once did he ever even HEAR her utter so much as a word. He assumed at the time that she must have been one of those "Shrinking Violet" types... However, from the looks of things, she was just as capable of shrewish remarks as that supposedly "innocent" girl he'd gone to the prom with. Shrewish remarks which just so happened to rub Maxwell the wrong way, so to speak...

Who do you think you are? Speaking down at me like that you little slut! Does YOUR family take you on exquisite trips to the Mediterranean as a weekend treat? I think not... You haven't any right to criticize me, whore. I don't see why I should...

... Damnit, get a grip Maxwell! What do you expect her to say after what you just did? Congratulate you on your amazing ability to tumble down hills like a lemon? Just be glad that she still hasn't caught onto the fact you've been putting on an act the whole time... Pride can take a backseat for now.

Easier said than done, seeing as Maxwell had an ego the size of a planet. Such a simple comment as that was usually enough to enrage him... The only thing stopping him from doing so being his own self control.

"R, r, Reiko? Is that... You?" he asked nervously.

Easy now...

"My word, it is! Thank christ... Its me Maxwell, remember? I spoke to your boy... I mean, girlfriend at the prom remember? I was dating Vicky at the time?"

Or was it Violet? Can't for the life of me remember...

“Hello in the gazebo!”

Oh for crying out loud...
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