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(sorry for taking longer than I should have to reply here)

She had been jamming her foot into the flip flop in front of her, and didn't see the first swing Alex took at Nick. But she heard Nick's response. Unbelievable. They were actually fighting. Hell, she had no idea what the whole status of the game was right now, maybe one of them was going to score the first kill of V4 right in front of her. This was nuts. This was nuts, the game had just started and they were clubbing at each other with a big stick and a bottle of gasoline.

Nick scored a hit on Alex's chest with one of the bottles. Damnit, didn't he know how dumb this was? It was the first day, he was gonna get injured or killed here, or at least use up all his weaponry, didn't he know anything about how to play?

"Dude, you guys are nuts here you're gonna--"

She didn't get a chance to finish or even catch their attention before Alex took a swing and smashed one of Nick's molotovs into pieces, sending glass bits and gas fumes spraying from the impact. Holy crap, how quick had that been? She wasn't expecting things to go this fast. Daydreaming or RPing, she'd always thought she'd have time to plan things out, time to give big coherent speeches, but she couldn't even get out a sentence here.

She should run.

Yes, she should get out of here now while the getting was good.

Instead, she fumbled for the pack on her back, bringing out the gunpowder.

Ever since she'd started watching SOTF, Andrea had wondered why so many kids started attacking each other so early on. Sure, later on, when the gravity of the situation had fully occurred to them, that made sense. But so early? She'd never really understood that. And she still didn't, not now at least. Later that day, given time to think over it, she'd come to the conclusion that no one would understand unless they were part of the game itself.

She poured a bit of the gunpowder in her hand, then tossed the bottle back in her bag. Just a bit, she needed to ration the stuff after all, there was so much more she'd end up doing here.

Yes, after the rush had worn off, Andrea would understand the hows and whys of it. She'd even find it to have been obvious in retrospect. It was the thrill of the game. Watching the fight from up close had been one thing, but she couldn't just leave it at that. She'd always craved the bigger thrill. Besides, she was totally safe, she was the expert, she was the star, and stars didn't just slink off in the background when shit got real.

No, they asserted themselves.

She zipped her bag back up and moved forward. Toss, then run. Easy.

"Hey, asshole!"

Andrea threw the gunpowder at Alex's face. Alex White thought he could come in and take her out with a fucking stick? No way.
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