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(Cyrille continued from Extinguishing The Light Of The Future)

Get it together girl!

Cyrille slapped her cheeks gently as she tried to concentrate. She had left the cave's entrance behind her but it was still within her line of sight.

Stupid! How can you be so stupid!

She felt like a moron for having just run into a unknown cave. It could of all ended right there. Some psychopathic student could of be waiting for her and then popped a few bullets into her head. Of course it never happened but it was still a possibility. Right there she could of led her allies and herself into a death trap.


Well there was no point in worrying about it anymore. Calming down she noticed that Saul, Garry and Miranda were not following her. Did she walked out not realizing she had left them behind?

Congratulations Cyrille. You're now an official idiot.

Sighing she started to walked back to her group when she heard a twig crack in the distanced. She instantly jump down on her stomach and stood still. She was used to this. It was just like bird watching. Just stand very still and make no noise. The birds will never see you. Nor will this player.

Great so you left the presumably dangerous cave for a obviously dangerous woods. Oh and you left your friends there also. Cyrille you got to get it together girl!
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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