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God was telling you "not yet".
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"Look, hey, hey, I'm sorry! Okay? That was my bad, look, lemme make it up to you. Alright? Look, here, how's this, you're a loyal customer of J. Franco and Associates, so how about- check this out- I hook you up with a map. I got one too, so don't sweat it, you're good."

What the fuck was he talking about? He could "hook her up"? What was he, a map dealer? She wouldn't put it past him, to be honest. Flicking her hair back with her hands, she held up her index finger at Cody (one sec) as she turned to face the mafia wannabe with an astonished look. Was he serious? Of all the places to try and do business, he was choosing this one? An island in the middle of nowhere inhabited only by her former classmates who now had all kinds of guns and drugs and knives in their possession? Yeah, great job Jeremy, you really know when to pick your moments, don't you? Near shouting again, she was stopped by another torrent of babble relentlessly gushing from the salesman's creepy mouth.

That was a good word for him: creepy.

"Plus, I'll throw in an offer of protection, yeah? We go around together, kicking ass, following my map, I make sure all the pervs stay away from you? Sound good? Yeah?"

A smirk.

"Okay, and what happens when there's no pervs left? I suppose that's when King Perv himself will want something in return for all that "protection" he's gonna give me, right? I'm guessing he'll want to see a slip of pink rather than green though, right? I mean, you'd know, being his right-hand man and all - RIGHT?." Not holding back on the sarcastic air quotes, she rolled her eyes at the boy's proposition before returning to her bag and quickly began to stuff everything back into it. She needed to get out of here before Jeremy got any more ideas about the two of them partnering up, that was for sure. Hell if people got the wrong idea and thought they'd started dating or something. Ugh, the thought alone made Leila's skin crawl.

Screw the map for now, it can wait. I am not sticking around to get slobbered on by Jeremy fucking Franco.

"So, I don't wanna, like, ruin the moment or anything, actually I think you guys might have already ruined any sort of 'moment' that was going on, but really, do you at least know where we are? 'Cause I figure we're in the mountains, only that doesn't help because they're kind of big. Big as mountains, I'd say, actually."

"What?" What was he talking about? Big as - ugh, this was getting ridiculous. Apparently, all the guys on the island were woman-beaters, rats or retards. Wow, she could see the adverts now: "Old? Single? Looking for love with a greasy 18 year-old boy from Minnesota? Then why not visit www.creepyteensresort.com now to find the worm of your dreams today! (And yes, that IS a euphemism)." Okay, seriously, what was in that sleeping gas? Shaking her head, she mumbled quiet curses as she closed up the daypack and flung it over her shoulders. Oh, God, that was heavy. Taking a long look at the two boys, she briefly considered asking Cody - the lesser of two evils - to come with her, if only to carry her things.

"You're absolutely right, Cody, this is the mountains, well done. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna leave now because you two are a pair of fucking morons." Smiling as sweetly as she could just to piss them off, she started down the slope again before yet another boy entered the scene and blocked her path.

"Hey! 'Sup!"

...Well, shit.

"It's Jimmy Brennan!"

Leila groaned obnoxiously at the sight of him sweating his way up the hill. Really? He wanted to hang out with them? She just couldn't believe it. It was the fun fair all over again, except this time she unintentionally made herself the main attraction. It wasn't her fault she looked so damn good covered in dirt and scratches, so why was she being punished for it? With a great sigh, she wandered back into the clearing, dropping her stuff right down where she'd picked it up from just a few seconds ago.

"Rats and retards, Leila... rats and retards." She muttered under her breath as she slumped down onto the uncomfortable bag.
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