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The reaction had been kind of what Maf had expected, given they'd been put on this island to kill each other and all. Two of the boys had pointed their gun at him, but now they'd realised the lumbering Fijian was nothing to be worried about, apologies had been made, pleasantries had been offered and Maf had been given the go ahead to join them. Maf sauntered over, meeting Jason's hand with his in a half-assed 'side-five' as he walked up to him.

"Maf," Jason began, his voice as confident and cheerful as any person could be expected to muster in the situation. "You have no idea how good it is to see you mate. We're in a boatload of shit, but we're going to do the best we can. Stick together, play smart, we might just be around long enough to figure something out."

Maf nodded, chuckling as Jason followed up the introduction with a snarky comment about Nathan breaking the 11.0, a hallowed record among track stars that Maf was very much aware of - after all, it was drilled into the minds of every young student in their first year of Physical Education at Bayview. It was the kind of thing that people strove all their school careers to attain, and Nathan had been one of the closest to breaking it in the last few years. It was a pity he probably wouldn't be able to best it, and not just in his time at school.

The former offensive guard took in the desolate scenery as he contemplated this finality. There was one chance in two hundred (or something like that - Maf had never been the sharpest at math) for Maf to make it off the island alive. The same went for every other student. Unless they pulled something remarkable, the high likelihood was that they would all die. Maf would never get to do what he had always wanted to do. He'd never get to college, he'd never play professional football, he'd never make his family proud the way he wanted to...

Maf put those thoughts out of his head. Never did anyone any good. He turned to the people he had found - Jason, taking on the responsibilities of leading and trying to nut out the next move; Nathan, staying cool-headed despite it all; Brooks, quivering and bordering on a nervous wreck. All good people, Maf knew that. All reliable people. All people worth staying with.

"Fuck, couldn't of been some other school," Jason griped. "Moment of truth guys. Teammates for life or what?"

Maf watched as Jason walked off, and then looked at the others.

He nodded.

They would be his team.

((Maf Tuigamala continued elsewhere))
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