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Voices emerged from the forest. The first one was a shout, probably not the smartest thing to do. The second came as a soft greeting. Steven turned from Brock to face the direction of the voices, and two girls came into his field of vision. The first one he saw was too far into the forest to make out, but the second one was considerably closer, and wielding a sword. Judging from her particularly reserved body language, Steven didn't see her as much of a threat. Then again, what fans of SOTF call "players" tend to appear from out of nowhere, so he wasn't in the business of underestimating anyone.

For that matter, why the fuck was he trusting Brock anyways? The guy hadn't given him any reason to other than he hadn't thrown any outright aggression in Steven's direction. It didn't mean he would trust him, let alone with a firearm. It was an off chance that he'd actually go psycho and seriously harm or kill Steven, and the reward of having Brock as some form of protection was greater than the risk. Of course, if Brock handed him the gun, Steven could always just...


Steven pushed the thought from his mind. He wasn't a killer and never would claim to be. It was against everything he stood for. Religion wasn't something Steven had much faith in - he instead believed very strongly in the value of life, and how it needed to be cherished and maintained at all costs. There was no way he would be able to murder someone, even given the situation right now. By the same token... it seemed he would still have to defend his own life as far as he would others.

Or I can just keep the dumb idea in my mind, and spin it around until I go crazy...

Towards the two newcomers, Steven was little more than apathetic. He wasn't sure he wanted to stay around too many people - it was too risky. In any case, he posed a similar question as Brock.

"Yeah.. we're kind of in the middle of something here... in case you guys didn't really... Look, what do you want?"
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