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Owen's head turned in the direction of the voice. Going along? Maybe. But nobody would actually say yes to that question.

He looked her up and down. He didn't see a weapon in her hand, but that could mean any number of things. She could have discarded it in protest, or in despair if it were a particularly bad joke. Or maybe she hadn't looked at it yet. Or maybe she just doesn't want to show her hand too quickly, Owen thought, considering the possibility that she was playing a different sort of game.

If that's the game, I can play too...no, there is no game. I'm not playing. I'm not even thinking about playing.

"I'm not playing anything. I'm getting off this island. As soon as I can come up with a plan."

Life is a game. We're all playing. In the end, we'll all play...no. I'll choose my own game. I don't have to play Danya's...
Takeshi Yoshikawa
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