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((It's been almost 14 days, so I'm going to break the post order to avoid inactivity. Sorry for that))

Before Peter or Kaitlin even managed to answer, another set of voices, at least 3 different voices as far as he could distinguish at this distance and with this kind of echo, filled the cave. Someone was out there.

Maybe they are at the exit and could lead us out of here?

That would be awesome, but it would be also too easy. Instead of marching toward the source of the voices, Max lowered his hand with a gun, tightened the grip on his Auto Mag just to be more confident, and started watching carefully the tunnel entrance he came in, as he kept listening to the voices. He was good ad dividing attention. Too bad that no music around also made him more nervous. As seconds were passing by, a single drop of sweat came out from his temple and slowly made it's way to the bottom of his face and finally hit the ground.
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