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Rein walk over beside Kari to take a look at the map himself. He notice the area that Simon had suggested. He also notice the church that was in between the warehouse and the beach. Would it be safe to stop there? They could at least take a look and then decide if it's safe or not. If it wasn't it they could just move on. Of course Rein desperately wish to visit it at least once to make sure Gary wasn't there but that would raise the question why Gary would be at a church. Oh well it was small details that Rein didn't cared about. He lifted his hand to point at the church on Kari's map.

"I agree vid de varehouse dat Simon suggestet. It shoult be a safe place to holt up in. I also suggest ve make a quick stop at de church dat's in betveen here ant de sait varehouse. If no one is dere ve can rest for a short vhile insteat of risking a longer travel to de varehouse. Toes dat sound good to everyone?" Rein asked the group.

He look around to see everyone's faces, and to see wherever or not they seem comfortable with the idea. He noticed Carol's wobbly movement and strange face which concerned him. He walk forward and put his arms around her shoulders.

"Hey Carol you okay? Come on let's get you avay from dis place. I'll help you stay steady if you need it." He reassured her as he waited to help her walk away from the water.
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