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They didn't seem to mind him coming along. Simon cleared his throat and got to his feet. "Good to...good to find you, Carol," he said, still feeling a little off-kilter. What kind of habits and manners applies to a situation like this? How did you respond to friends who were armed and trapped? How did you respond to people when a ticking time bomb was wrapped around your neck, waiting for the moment when enough people chose peace?

Damned if you do
Damned if you don't
Damned if you will
What if you won't?

Simon got to his feet, followed them as Kari and Carol moved off. No one else seemed to do know what to make of the German--Rein, he thought, having already heard his name, his name was Rein and Simon would have to keep that in mind--though they were all taken aback by his frankness. Honesty. Huh. He was close enough to hear Kari ask where they should go.

"I just left the tunnels, and I wouldn't recommend'em," Simon started, setting his gun and bag down. He unzipped the duffel and pulled out, first, Danya's instruction manual. Without a second thought he tossed it over one shoulder, searching through his stuff. He found the map, and took to examining it. "If we want to use our guns, I'd avoid the forests and all..." he muttered, thinking of hunting trips and the difficult of hitting deer. "But other people would find it harder to hit us too, so there's that..." He was frowning.

"I think there's a warehouse about here," he said, pointing to a place north of the housing. "See that big building? Maybe...I dunno, maybe that's the way to go? If someone's hiding there we can run, and if there's no one there we can take it for ourselves. We watch the entrances..." He was thinking about it in his mind--three guns, all pretty good models. "We watch'em, we'll be pretty safe." He shrugged. "Your call, I guess."
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