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G100 - Helen Wilson - Start

Glow sticks? Glow sticks!? How the fuck was she supposed to do anything with a handful of glow sticks? Helen stomped her way along the tunnel, looking for any signs of anything. She withdrew a single glowstick from the pack and pointed it in front of her like a gun.

"Say your prayers, Bond," she said in as British an accent as she was able to muster, "pow! Pow, pow, pow," with each pow she recoiled slightly, as though her glowstick gun had gone off and was actually a useful weapon. She stopped and looked at it, "stupid piece of shit" she muttered, yet something in the back of her mind said that they might be useful later, for... something. If she'd been given a gun along with the glowsticks, well, then she would have been ecstatic to have glowsticks. But the knowledge that her peers were out there with knived and guns and bows and arrows and shit meant that she felt at a significant disadvantage. It wasn't fair, but she figured that was the 'amusing' side of it. And though it sickened her to thing of this, she'd watched previous series' and laughed as the competitors drew shit weapons. "Oh karma, what will you cast upon me next? Please use my future doctor status to allow me to not get injured, and not die. I might discover the cure for cancer some day! Surely I should survive!"

Helen shook her head and kept walking. Where was everyone? And where the hell was the exit? Waking up in the tunnels, which curved away in both directions, neither of which had any indication of sunlight, or other people, or anything, had been almost enough of a distraction for her to forget why she was there. After dithering for close on ten minutes, and scouting for about a hundred metres in either direction, she eventually chose left, for no reason other than it sloped slightly upwards, and the dampness of the cave suggested it was underground. Also, up would at worst take her out halfway up a mountain, and then she could... rock climb down or something. Damn she wished she'd been assigned a rope. But better than being trapped underground

The glowsticks might have come in useful if she'd had more than 6, like, for lighting a path so that if she did get lost she could just follow them back out again. Or back to her starting point at least. Helen kicked a stone in her path; it skittered across the floor, and bounced off the wall, losing all momentum and coming to a rest a few seconds later. She picked it up and shined her torch on it; it looked like it had a face, two small dents and an angular line underneath them, the face was smiling. Well at least SOMEONE's happy to be here. She put the stone in her pocket, figuring it made a better weapon than her assigned one did.

Just then she rounded a corner, and voices began to trickle out to her from somewhere up ahead, her eyes widened. She switched the torch off, vaguely aware that she didn't want them to know who she was before she knew who they were. Scratching her ear, she crept forward, thankful that she'd worn pumps with rubber soles that cusioned the noise of her walking, and rounded the corner when a light appeared. One of them had their torch on, ah, the element of surprise! Still, she was relieved, as she spied on them from a little way away, to see who it was. Well, she was relieved to see Charles, who she'd shared a couple of classes with and knew to be relatively harmless. And then the boy, who's face she coulsn't see (it would appear he'd come up the same path as she), stowed his gun, and she felt it was safe to make an entrance.

"Hey, Charles!" Helen said, half enthusiastically, coming up to them. "And hey..." her mind faltered, "Raidon!" she'd shared a class with him too. "Fancy seeing you guys here..." she added sarcastically. "Anyone know the way out?"
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