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Drumroll PLEASE.

We did fifteen for the very first rolls of v4, below are the characters and their handlers.

#1. Charlotte DuClare (Jonny) Daniel Vaughan (gambit508 - Hero Card Used)
#2. Megan Nelson (ArriannaAine)
#3. James Mulzet (Ciel) Robert Lerger (Serpentis.Deteramot - Hero Card Used)
#4. Brent Shanahan (Wheeler)
#5. Aaron Hughes (KillerVole) Everett Taylor (KillerVole - Swap Card Used)
#6. Albert Lions (JoystickHero) Keith Cristoph (JoystickHero - Swap Card Used)
#7. Maria Santiago (Hollyquin)
#8. Alex Rasputin (AtomicWaffle) Petrushka Ivanova (Super Llama - Hero Card Used)
#9. Paige Strand (Inky)
#10. Jamie Li (Korazon) Alicia Murasek (Korazon - Swap Card Used)
#11. Jackie Myrie (Ella) Cyrille LaBlanche, (SRJJJB - Hero Card Used)
#12. Mia Kuiper (Geno) Vanessa Struthers (banthesun - Hero Card Used)
#13. Francine Moreau (Inksword)
#14. Janet Claymont (Slamexo) Amber Whimsy (Slamexo - Swap Card Used)
#15. Sally Connelly (Ruggahissy)

Ya'll have THREE days to play any swap or hero cards that you intend to use -announcing that fact in this thread of course. From there, you have FIVE further days to ensure that the death is done, which you must then link to in this thread.

Ciao for now - happy huntings!
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