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Alice waited for the figure to reveal himself, hands folded loosely behind her back. The revolver was still in easy reach, if not readily visible. Whoever was hiding out of sight, it didn't hurt to be prepared. Until she was off the island or dead, to let down her guard was asking to be killed. There were only two people on the whole of the island she could trust, and she doubted that the voice belonged to either of them. No, until she was sure that whoever was stepping forward wasn't a threat, the gun was going to be close at hand.

As the figure revealed himself, Alice relaxed. He didn't appear armed, or at least, didn't appear aggressive. Still, looks could be deceiving. For all she knew, he was just trying to get close before pulling out a gun. No, she would keep her gun close as hand, if you didn't mind. Idiot she was, she had already taken a big enough risk when she approached Darren, grinning as broad as she could. If she ever wanted to see Vic again, she would need to be more careful in the future. If being careful meant eying everyone was unconcealed suspicion, so be it.

Once Roman made it clear he was only looking for his sister, Alice's thoughts drifted to Victoria. It seemed everyone was looking for someone. Natural, of course. Boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers and sisters, at the very least friends. No one was truely alone, not really. She suspected that was a similar goal across the island and Alice was no different. She needed to find Victoria, she had to find Bounce. there were all that mattered to her and she'd be damned if something happened because she wasn't there to protect them.

At the sound of movement on her left, she spun about, her hand resting on the grip of the pistol. Another newcomer, this one with a pistol in hand. Alice froze, ready to pull the revolver like some old fashion gunslinger if the girl made any hostile gesture. The woman seemed to realize that her approach left something to be desired and lowered the gun. Alice's hand didn't leave the comfort of the pistol's grip, even if the woman did look near-panic. If her nerves were as frayed as they appeared, she was that more likely to make a rash decision that could end with someone being shot.

Alice would take that as her cue to head off. Victoria and Bounce would be looking for her, and she'd stood around long enough. There was whole island to cover, and it would be a miracle if she could find either of them before they ran into trouble. No reason not to start looking as soon as she could. Alice offered a curt nod to Roman. "Uh, best of luck with that. I'll be sure to keep an eye out." As for the girl, Alice gave her a brief glance while she readjusted her bag. Alice had places to be and people to find. Nothing in the clearing further interested her. Roman and his search for his sister, while sympathetic, didn't involve her. Darren and his squeamishness, while amusing, didn't help her find her friends. As for the new girl, well, Alice didn't want to saddled with her problem, myriad as they would undoubtedly be. With a halfhearted 'good luck' to the others in the clearing before she set off.

((Alice Blake continued in Obstacles In Our Path)))
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