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Raidon's thin eyebrows went up. He wasn't sure he liked the way he felt right now; he was calm, certainly, but it was a calm that was ill-fitting with his personality and with his circumstances. He didn't like this calm, it made him feel edgy and a little mad, as though his own skin had been unfaithful to him and now reeked of another.

He didn't like this feeling. Not remotely.

"You want to die at the hands of the first person you see?" Raidon asked. The ice in his tone surprised even him; a faint tremble took his right hand, and he felt a sudden desire. Lift it, pull the trigger. The safety was off, the gun was loaded, if he hadn't been afraid of giving away his position he would have fired off a test shot to make sure he'd done it properly, but...but he was reasonably sure. And he was right, this boy was a fellow player, he was...

Crying in the tunnels, and the last time Raidon had seen violence his father had been on the receiving end.

"Seems like a stupid idea to me," Raidon said, sticking the gun in his pocket. "I'd much rather die in the sunlight, you know." He stretched. "If you've had that light on, have you had time to check your map?" He looked the boy up and down. In spite of the cool he was trying to maintain, he was impressed by his willingness to trust.

Still, Raidon couldn't think of the name.

"Naoko Raidon," he said, after a moment's thought. "BO54, according to my bag. And you are?"
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