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"Gah!" David cried, flailing backward as the girl lifted her gun. "Don't shoot, it's--" Someone was running from one side. David's face tightened, his eyes squinting, and he lifted his arms in front of him. "Wait, wait!" he cried. "Please, don't...!"

As the panic lifted, he saw two people he thought he recognized. He and the boy, if he wasn't entirely mistaken, had talked with once or twice--Jake, or something? The girl he'd only seen around school, he had no idea what her actual name might be.

But the boy had a sword and the girl had a gun and they were pointing them at him and he wasn't a threat he could barely think and God what were they saying and what the hell am I doing here?

"It's me!" he squawked. "D-david...David Meramac!" In the course of his flailing he lost his balance and hit the ground, a piece of discarded wood digging deep into him as he landed. He winced, groaning to himself. "C-christ," he muttered, as the reverberating ache in his legs finally reached his pain and he slumped forwards. "Christ, are you going to kill me? I'm not going to hurt anybody, I don't think I even...here." He tore the bag off his shoulders and threw it at their feet, than hunched into a ball and pulled his knees to his face.

"If there's something good in there, it's yours," he said. "I h-haven't...haven't even looked, yet."
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