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They see me walking, they hating
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((Dawne Jiang continued from Orientation))

Dawne Jiang had the worst send of direction in the world. She was quite possibly the only person in the world who could get lost in a cut down forest. She had wandered around the barren stumps for a couple hours before finally giving up and sitting down on the ground in a fit. She grumbled to herself for a little while, angrily chewing on a piece of bread.

"Fuck, I'm not cut out for this outdoor shit... I'll leave that to Rekka." Once she was done with her bread, the girl curled up into a ball, luckily having found a spot where no one else stumbled upon, and slept.


Some time later, Dawne wasn't sure how long, she was woken up by the sounds of voices. This was the first thing she noticed. The second thing she noticed was her face felt hot. She scrunched her face, and felt pain shoot through her features. No wonder, she had been sleeping in the sun with no protection for God knew how long. One thing was certain, what was left of her life was going to suck.

Trying to ignore the pain in her face, Dawne very cautiously raised herself into a sitting position. Cautiously peering over the stump she had been sleeping near, she saw three figures some distance away, close enough that she could hear them saying something, but too far to hear what. She could see weapons though, which probably didn't spell good things. Instead of deciding to go an just barge in, she decided to sit where she was and wait.
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