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The two boys did not seem to like that she had to ask. Of course, it was kind of a stupid question, she had to admit. After all, if a crazed psychopath ran up to you, they wouldn't answer honestly.

Then again... there were probably no crazed psychopaths at Bayview. Everyone, as far as Carol could tell, was nice. Well, not everyone. Monty was there, and there were a few other nasty people. But, most people at Bayview were nice. Other times this has happened it was because there were horrible people at those schools who wanted to kill. But no one at Bayview was like that. Hell, only Monty and maybe a few others would participate, right?

Carol smiled, in spite of still feeling a little disoriented from all the water nearby.

"Carol", she responded to the questions. Pointing and glancing behind her, she said "That's... that's Kari..."

She could vaguely see the ocean as she glanced towards Kari.

The ocean. Big. Wet. Cold.

Carol felt her heart racing again, and she looked back at the two boys, her smile fading.

"We... we were planning on getting out of here soon... I don't like the water... I'm kind of... it scares me, alright? I don't like big bodies of... you get the idea..."

She rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand, looking down.

"If you guys want... you could join us. I believe that you're not bad people. Very few people in this school are..."

Carol looked up, and took a deep breath, feeling as if she was about to burst into tears. Again, she couldn't see anyone in her school actively killing, since close to everyone at Bayview was a nice person. But, she wasn't sure if she could kill her friends if it came to it. Friends were supposed to be good to each other, not kill one another. But, if she saw her friends, killing wouldn't be the first thing that would come to mind for any of them, right? Amber, Paige, Ben, Jacob, Reiko, they all were good people, and none of them would kill their own friend. And of course, Carol wouldn't kill them either.

In fact, they could all just be lucky and someone would come in and save them, like the coast guard or something. After all, the government had information, they were probably getting close. There was no way that they would get away with something like this a fourth time, if she remembered correctly.

"I think that the government will put a stop to this, right? They can't get away with SOTF four times over. I mean... they must know something... anything... I think I need to find my friends, though..."

After a few more seconds, she looked back up at the two, and said "I really don't think either of you are bad. And I don't think we should go off alone... but, it's up to you if you want to tag along. I just... need away from the water..."

Taking another deep breath, she turned and started walking towards Kari again, still feeling a little unsteady. Everything seemed to spin around her. Overall, she felt dizzy, and maybe once she got away from the water, she would lie down and take a rest. That had to be the first thing she did once she got away from the beach. Just lay down, think this over, and everything should be alright...

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