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"Claire? It's Julian. I ain't here to hurt you. I'mma step out where we can see each other, and I'mma be dangling my sword as non-threateningly as I can. That okay with you?"


Claire pivoted, turning for signs of the boy's presence. She could hear a rustling in the brush, but thus far, he went unnoticed.

"He must have followed me..."

"...Sure, okay. You can come out."

On cue, Julian Avery appeared from the foliage, his sword nonchalantly swinging from his forefingers and the same playful smile dancing its way across his lips. He was one of those people you just couldn't help but like. Something the two didn't have in common.

"He saved my ass. He should be fine...right?"

Claire's gun was still gripped firmly in her right hand. At this point, she was barely conscious of holding it at all. The fact that Julian wasn't aware of her possessing it didn't even enter her mind. At this point, she was just glad that the first person she ran across wasn't one with any intention of driving a stake through her heart. It was a welcome relief. One she didn't expect to get used to.

"...Thanks, for earlier," she offered, finding herself uncharacteristically at a loss for words. Considering her situation, though, it wasn't at all surprising that she wasn't as primed as usual for some kind of witty retort. She'd been caught completely off-guard.

"Looks like some people are already out for blood," she mused aloud, her thoughts drifting back to Teo and Marybeth.

At that moment, however, a boy came bursting out of the bushes on the other side of the clearing, and Claire instinctively rose her gun towards him and steadied the aim with both hands. Her arms froze as she scanned her memory, squinting through the afternoon sunlight in an attempt to make out who had joined them. The glare was blinding, however.

"...Who's there!?
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