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Charles sat quietly, with his eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the tunnels.... Someone was crying for help, but where? Which of the tunnels was the sound coming from? Could they help him? Could he help them? Both?

Charles also heard footsteps. Multiple sets, there was more than one person nearby. One set in particular seemed very close. The owner of the footsteps soon appeared and spoke, breaking Charles of his focus.

"Not that I am too inclined to help another player, but using a flashlight in the tunnels is tantamount to broadcasting your position to the whole world."

"That's the intent really," he said, opening his eyes and looking at the boy he was responding to, "I took a little shortcut through these tunnels and now I'm lost. Finding other people, or having other people find me, makes it more likely I'll find a way out...."

After a moments hesitation he added "And if they're playing, well... I don't figure I'd last long in this game anyway, seeing a person before my end would bring a little more comfort than dying alone in these tunnels after days of being lost."
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