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After what seemed like an eternity, Al finally calmed down, and looked down at his weapon, then back at Dougal. There was a momentary pause of confusion. 'The shooti- oh... right...' Ignoring the thoughts that tried to bubble up, the boy smiled again, and lightly tossed the TOZ to his friend, before fishing through the bag. "Think I found it!" Al called over his shoulder, holding up a piece of paper and a cardboard box of fourteen shells up triumphantly. He stood, and grabbed the bag, (having forgotten his own one at home) and walked back over to where Dougal was standing.

His grin was, for the moment, diminished as he listened to his friend offer up suggestions. Survive, rescue? "...you're really taking this seriously, aren't you?" Al questioned, perhaps a bit more insensitively than he intended. But, he didn't really have any better ideas, and he usually relied on Dougal to come up with the plans anyways. So, after a moment of thought, the boy gave a nod of determination, and hefted the numbered bag (bright yellow raft now sticking out of the open top) over his shoulder. "Sure, lead on!"
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