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"When I let go, run into the woods. I'll catch up."

Tabi wanted to ask what it was that he had meant, but she was given no answer. She watched as the umbrella shot out towards the girl with the gun and then she was pushed unceremoniously forward, causing her to nearly trip on the sand bellow her. She began to connect the dots with each step though...The man was helping her escape! He just wanted her to be safe before he acted.

She was about to make her move when she felt another hand on her and then a voice. Etain was helping her along! Yes, it was perfect, Etain, the mysterious man would escape with her, they would then be able to regroup and find out what was going on!

She nodded her head in agreement and took two steps forwards and made herself ready to run.

Her ears rang out as she heard four loud bangs, followed by a loud wooshing noise in between her and Etain.

Instinct had taken over for Tabitha Gweneth. She bolted away from Etain and made a break for the woods in front of her. She couldn't hear anything, except for the rhythmic pounding in her head.

Run into the woods, I'll catch up. Run into the woods, I'll catch up. Run into the woods, I'll catch up.

Her eyes scrunched into tiny slits, and her hands balled up into tiny fists. A renewed vigor from being shot at had caused all the tension built up in her legs to explode into a manic sprint. Her legs tripped on a large root causing her to fall flat on her face.

Tabi scrambled back up to her feet, and continued on. She felt pain in her lip; the taste of blood mixing in with the sweat, mud and mucus that had begun to well in her mouth, but she didn't care.

Run into the woods, I'll catch up. Run into the woods, I'll catch up. Run into the woods...

((Tabi Gweneth continued in Haven't You Got Eyes in Your Head?))
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