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One of the shifty shifting cows leapt towards her.

And Raina opened her eyes to a blindingly glary sky, shutting them again just as quickly as her pupils slowly adjusted. One of her gangly arms had reflexively thrown itself across her face, willing the sun to pretty please leave her alone this morning.

Or afternoon.


The rustling in the trees and the rough ground below her brought a couple of thoughts to her attention. Firstly, what was she doing in a forest...

And secondly, what the fuck was she doing in a forest!?

She jerked upright, looking from left to right as if there might be some sign explaining what she was doing surrounded by conifers with no-one else in sight. Until her memory came flooding back.

My teachers...

She let out a long, anguished sigh as she let her head flump back to rest against the ground, staring up at a stray cloud shifting across the sky. A distant thump, probably from a gun, hopefully not, registered itself as unnatural to her ears. She knew exactly where she was.

And she knew she'd have to face it.

Wouldn't hurt to think about it for a little while though.

She tried to blink back the tears that were gathering on her eyes.

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