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Rena stood stock still for a moment, completely and utterly confused as to what to do next. She could try and make a break for it...but she wouldn't get far before he noticed and started chasing her. She figured it would be best not to make enemies this early in the game.

Of course, the number of enemies she'd have would be irrelevant if she was dead.

It occurred to Rena that she couldn't see the other girl anymore. She wondered if that girl had made a break for it. The only reason Alex seemed to be showing any interest in Rena was to get that gun the girl allegedly had. If the girl was gone, what would Alex do to Rena? Kill her, just to get her out of the way? Take her as leverage? Take her weapons? Just leave her to wander helplessly in the woods?

Rena knew she didn't have enough time to fully think this over. She didn't have enough time to weigh her options, to really think. She was sweating, and she felt like she might burst into tears at any moment. Hopeless. No matter what she did, she would still be lost in the woods of some godforsaken place, fighting people she knew for her own lives. No matter what happened, it wouldn't really get any better.

She took a deep breath, finally deciding on what she would do. She was going to help Alex, for now, anyways. She would aim to be nothing more than a third party to the fight over the gun. She was going to try to fade away into the background, hopefully making her escape. Reluctantly, she followed Alex.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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