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(Introduction of David Meramac)

He had been awake for a little while--how long he couldn't stay. Consciousness had not been slow in returning to David Meramac; it had returned in one tremendous blow, a force that had rattled his brain within his skull. No accompanying haze of memories, either; he had come back to consciousness with full knowledge of what was happening around him, of exactly where he was.

He was on Survival of the Fittest. He and his classmates were going to be forced to kill each other, like every class before theirs.

He'd taken off running without a thought. He had never had much in the way of stamina--enough to keep up with the other cross country runners, never enough to surpass them. Anything past one mile was exhausting for him (then again, he trained doing nothing but miles, which might explain his weakness). In this case, he'd welcomed his own weakness; as he forced himself to keep running, unchecked duffel bouncing against his back, he was able to forget about his danger, forget about anything but the pounding of his feet against diffuse ground. Shouts, explosions, gunfire--he heard it all during his mad run.

Tried to think of none of it. Tried to think only of the burning ache in his muscles, the liquid magma in his veins. Tried not to here anything around him.

Thus it was that he ran through the Felled Forest without any thought as to how exposed he might be. Thus it was that, dripping with sweat and hair in disarray, he broke right into the midst of Julian Avery and Claire Lambert.
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