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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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With a grunt, Roman slowly levered himself to his feet, leaving his bag on the ground. Don’t shoot, I'm pathetic, he silently willed the others as he raised his empty hands to further illustrate that he was of no threat to either of them. The two people hovered over the remains of poor Dallas, looking to capitalize off of his ill fortune all ready. The thought of taking anything from the fallen boy made Roman want to gag. He needed to get out of here and go find Alex before she wound up like Dallas.

Still moving cautiously, he adjusted his glasses, trying to bring the features of the others into focus. Eyes widening, he realized that the girl who had spoken was Alice Blake. Not that they had been close in the slightest but Alice was easily recognizable, having the distinction of being one of the absolutely whitest people on campus in addition to being the tallest girl in the senior class. Now he could add “heartless, callous bitch” to the description. The boy looked familiar, but Roman couldn’t place a face with a name. Please don’t let either of them be trigger happy psychos. Please.

“S-sorry. I didn’t want to startle anyone. I'm just looking to pass through,” he explained, eyes nervously flicking back and forth between the pair. He could feel his pulse hammering away in his throat. “Actually, I'm trying to find my sister. Alex Jackson? About my height, but with purple hair. You…you haven’t seen anyone matching that description, have you?”
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