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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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Etain was still grumbling as he climbed gingerly to his feet. Where the hell did that idiot get off? Was now really the best time to start throwing punches? Especially for what had to be an incredibly stupid reason that Etain couldn't even begin to fathom. Maybe it would just be easier to settle on the theory that Ivan was a moron. Yeah, he liked that particular thought. Ivan was just stupid. It might not be so bad if some chick didn't have a gun on them. In different circumstances, maybe they could talk it out, whatever, maybe deal with it in some way that didn't involve him getting slugged.

Seeing how everyone's attention was wandering, it was understandable that the girl with the gun would want to remind everyone that she was still there and yes, she still had a gun. The bang was sudden and sharp enough that Etain jumped, his attention immediately shifting from his sore jaw to Clio and her pistol. It certainly was attention-grabbing, wasn't it? Even with his ears still ringing, he could make out her demands with almost perfect clarity. Her shouting probably helped. That wasn't really necessary, was it? After all, it wasn't like the gunshot didn't warrant their focus or anything.

So, he was getting robbed, then? Give her everything and maybe she wouldn't plug him? Oh, how nice of her. Right, because he'd never seen a movie before and he didn't know how that usually worked out for the person without the gun. It wasn't like he had anything in his bag that would stop a bullet or anything, so he could probably pass it along without too much sore feelings, and he'd still have the bag he took after Kris ran in that case.

Alternately, he could give her his bag then blow it up. Well, maybe not. Aside from the pretty important fact he wasn't too keen on killing this girl, that would leave him in the same place as before, sans bag. Maybe he could use it as a, what was it, a bargaining chip. Wait until she sees the C4, then show her the detonator, maybe grin and have her toss the gun over. Maybe once he had it, he could shoot Ivan in the foot and wander off with Tabi. And while he was in this idealized universe, in the very next clearing would be Kris with a helicopter home. Perfect ending to a real shitty day.

That was, of course, hinging on Ivan not making a run on the girl. Not that he was complaining, mind you, Ivan was a perfectly fine distraction. Etain could leg it and keep his bag, easy as that. Any temptation he might have had about helping him disappeared just as quickly as he remembered getting punched in jaw. After all, it wasn't like he was Clint Eastwood or Spider-Man, he was no freakin' hero. Ivan was on his own, God bless him and his poor decision making. So, even as Ivan tossed his umbrella at Clio like some makeshift spear, Etain was urging Tabi toward the treeline and safety. "Tha's as good ah chance we we're gonna get, Tabi!" Hoping to convey some of the urgency of the situation, he placed a gentle hand on Tabi's back and started to guide her away from Ivan and Clio in the event her shock was keep her from seeing what was happening right in front of her.
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