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God was telling you "not yet".
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((Leila Langford continued from Break Up And Break Down))

It had been hours since she'd left the fun fair behind; one look at her feet could tell anybody that. Without shoes of any sort, the girl had been forced to travel barefoot across the island, causing her more than a little distress as she had to keep stopping to pull various splinters and grit from out of her skin. She'd tried putting her stilettos back on to make the walk easier, but that made things even worse. The amounts of times she'd tripped on the root of a tree or a stray rock was countless, so she'd given up on the idea completely, abandoning her shoes somewhere far behind her. But navigation was not her forte, and soon she found herself stumbling around the base of the giant mountain in the center of the island without a clue to how she got there. It was fortunate really, seeing as it was the biggest landmark she could've possibly found, but with that fortune came some unseen consequences.

Essentially, absolutely anyone could come by and find her out here all on her own, and that was a major problem. She had no shoes, causing her to wince every time she took a single step, and she still couldn't bring herself to look inside her daypack, even though she knew that she'd have to eventually if she wanted to take a look at the map hiding within. Staring up at the rock face in front of her, she wondered how on earth she was ever going to get up there without a decent pair of climbing boots. Her eyes turned to the left, then to the right, scoping out the very size of the mountain itself before admitting defeat and pulling her bag off her shoulders.

Alright, fine, it's time I took a damn look.

Bangles clanging together as her hand trembled towards the bag, she began to breathe heavily, unwilling to open it too quickly in fear that her worst fear lay in wait. What would she do if she found a gun inside? Would she ever bring herself to use it, like Gracie? She liked to think that she wouldn't lower herself to that loser's level, but if the opportunity came to take someone hostage, to make sure she wasn't the one with a bullet in her chest... Closing her eyes, she felt her fingers wrap themselves around the zipper and her brain began to shout. What if it was a trap?! What if it exploded the minute she opened it?! What if this was how the game was meant to be played, by blowing up anyone stupid enough to believe that god-awful video?! What if-


The wind blew in harshly from the forest behind her, causing her hair to whip her face wildly as he ripped open the bag with a cry and then...

Nothing happened.

At all.

There was no bang or boom, no scream or shout, just an empty silence as the gale hushed itself around her.

Letting out a delirious laugh, she teared up at what she found inside. A rope. A fucking rope. That's what they'd given her, a rope - oh wait, not just a rope - a rope with weights on it. Well, wasn't that fucking brilliant. After all that anticipation, all that worry, all that stress, this is what she found. She almost felt like dying, her heart racing ahead of the rest of her body only to win a fucking rope.

Grabbing it with both hands, she ran the length of it between her palms before looking up at the mountain again. It didn't look like it was long enough to use as a climbing rope, and the weights were spherical, rendering them useless as grappling tools. Her brow furrowing at the thought of her weapon being more useless than she previously thought, she grunted in annoyance and shoved it back into her back. Oh! The map! Flinging the bolos back out again, she dove straight into the daypack; bread and bottles flying out into the dirt as the girl ravaged her equipment. A-ha! There it was! Shoved down to the bottom of the bag, she quickly tore it out and began unfolding it on the ground in front of her.

"Mountain... mountain... right, here we go." Muttering under breath, she scanned the map with fevered eyes. "If I go around... yeah... then east... huh."
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