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They see me walking, they hating
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((Reiko Ishida continued from Wake Me Up...))

Reiko didn't know how much time had passed since she left her little cabin where she woke up in. She had never been one for wearing a watch, and the people running the game had taken her phone. Not that they would have even been accurate. There was no way of telling what timezone they were even in right now. All she knew is that when she had walked away from Remy and his sister, the sun had just been barely peeking over the horizon, and now it hung lazily in the sky, not quite at it's zenith, but quickly approaching.

The small girl hated the sun. Well, she hated heat was more accurate. Winter time was when she really felt in her element. She would have done anything to have had a situation like this arise when it was a little cooler. Actually, she would have done anything to not have this situation happen at all. She would much rather be on the camping trip, chatting it up with Paige, and Amber, and Sarah. Especially Sarah. Reiko wanted nothing more in that moment then to just be held in the loving arms of her girlfriend. First, she needed to find Reika though, to make sure she was okay. Sarah was a secondary concern at that point.

After a time, Reiko found herself on a steep incline overlooking a gazebo of some sort. She could tell that no one was in there, and it would offer a much needed break from the sun. Cautiously, the girl moved down the hill, keeping her balance until she reached the small structure. Walking up the stairs, Reiko felt relief wash over her as she found the shade the roof provided.

Reiko's relief was short lived however, as she heard someone crashing down the hill after her. Her initial reaction was to get annoyed that someone had followed her, but she quickly realized whoever it was may have been hurt. She looked over the barrier of the gazebo to see two male figures a little ways off. One was Maxwell, that kid who had been with Vera at prom, who seemed very uncomfortable being around her and Sarah. The second person was vaguely familiar, she felt like they had been in a class or two, but he was more or less forgettable. The latter was asking the former if he was okay, as Maxwell had apparently hurt his arm or something. Reiko didn't much care one way or the other. Neither of them were anyone of importance to her, so she wasn't planning on sticking around long.

"Think you could go be an idiot somewhere else?" Reiko said, unsympathetic to Maxwell's injured state. "I would rather be alone right now."
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