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(Claire Lambert continued from Resolve)

The afternoon arrived quickly upon the island - too quickly, in Claire's humble opinion - and the light and heat beating down on her were steadily beginning to take their toll. Her jog had grinded to a steady stride approximately half an hour before, as fatigue stung at her weary legs. Lactic acid and heavy sedatives were not a pleasant combination, she'd quickly discovered - not only did she find herself barely able to keep up more than a walk at this point, but her mind's series of racing thoughts had melded into one single idea:

"Sit down, woman."

Screw the post-run walking they'd always told her about in cross-country. She'd been speedwalking for a good half an hour...that was enough, right?

She honestly couldn't care less.

Claire felt her foot catch a tree root, and at that point she slowed down entirely. Her brisk pace ceased, and she transitioned into a more cautious approach as the foliage thinned out in front of her. Her eyes scanned the clearing ahead of her for signs of life, but thankfully, she found nothing.

The somewhat awkward pull of her jeans against her ass as she stepped over a trunk made her come to a realization she should have by all rights made sooner.

"...Right. The gun."

As much as she didn't want to use it, her rationality won out over her conscious mind yet again. Her survival instinct helped her plunge her right hand behind her and into her pocket, and seconds later she withdrew the Mini from her jeans.

Taking one more moment to scan her surroundings, Claire stepped out into the brush, gun in hand. Her cautious whisper broke the eerie silence.

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natlei was sleeping in her bed when someone came thru her window "get away rapist" she said still half asleep and hit one of them in the head with her liucky frying pan then went back tyo bed them men the injected her with a sedative and carried her off
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