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"I've got a bad feeling about the sawmill. Going there probably isn't such a good idea," Rose said. However, before she could finish her sentence, the other two were already out of view.

"Ah, fuck it, if they get killed it's their business, not mine," she mumbled to herself as she rooted through her possessions for her iPod. "Found it," she continued mumbling as she removed the music player and zipped her daypack up.

She put the earbuds in her ears, taking great care to ascertain that the left one was in the left ear and that the right one was in the right ear, took a glance at her iPod, and decided to put it on shuffle. She then adjusted the volume so that the music was audible, but wouldn't drown out any other sound; the alternative, blasting it at ear-splitting levels, was likely to turn out to be a fatal mistake.

"Time to go for a walk."

((Rose Codreanu continued in Where is My Mind?))
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