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G116 - Violetta Lindsberg - Start

'Son of a bitch! My head is killing me!' was Violetta's first thought as she blinked her eyes open, finding herself leaning on the inside of a chain fence. Rubbing her aching eyes, she stumbled onto her feet as she tried to figure out just what exactly had happened to her. She remembered falling asleep on the bus...and then waking up in some room along with the rest of her classmates and watching...Violetta's eyes opened wide and she staggered backwards, emptying whatever food remained in her stomach. Watching horror movies had nothing on seeing the thing in real life. It was one thing to see it on a TV screen. At least then you knew, deep down, that despite all the gruesome killing and shooting, it was all just special effects and all the actors were really okay and probably enjoying a mocha latte or some shit. But watching her teachers get slaughtered in front of her eyes...a shiver ran down her spine as she finally realized where she was and what was going to happen. 'This is it. I'm in Survival of the Fittest. So much for thinking it was some dumb reality show or anything...this is real and I'm most likely going to die.'

She paled even further when she realized what else that meant. 'Cyrille was on the bus with me! Oh no...no, no no no no! She was sitting next to me, but...I don't see her anymore! Is she okay? Did they....they better not have hurt her! I have to find her...she's got to be somewhere in this dumb island, I know it! She couldn't have died...She can't have! I won't accept it!'

Determination blazing in her heart and giving her the strength to push past the paralyzing fear, she knelt down next to the two bags near her feet. One was the duffel bag she had brought for the senior trip and she rifled through it, looking for the laptop computer she had bundled with them. There was no computer inside and Violetta just sighed inwardly, shaking her head. 'Of course they would take it out. The last thing they want is some computer whiz fucking up with their system again, right? Dammit...so the only things they left me with are clothes? Well...I suppose I could try choking someone to death with them...'

She paused as the thought ran through her mind and she rapidly shook her head. 'No. No killing. That's a last resort. I will do it if I have to...but I would much rather not. Let the others break and kill each other first. I'll find Cyrille...I'll protect her. And if someone takes her away from me...the kid gloves are off.' Zipping that bag closed, she looked at the second one. A bland, green bag, Violetta looked at it with a slight scowl as she pried it open and saw what was inside. A bunch of random stuff that would undoubtedly be good for surviving the game and...

"What the fuck? I'm not in a Chinese action flick, am I?" Violetta said with a snort as she picked up her 'weapon'. A blade that looked like a pair of crescents that crossed each other with one of them covered with a binding cloth. She held it awkwardly in one hand, wishing she had gotten something that would actually be useful. But that was probably too much to ask for some a sadistic madman like Danya. Nevertheless, she gave it a few awkward swings in the air before shaking her head and stuffing the weapon back into her pack. There was no way she was going to be able to kill anyone with it or even defend herself with it unless she got lucky.

Hefting both of the bags on her shoulders, she quickly set off to find any of the other students, hoping that she'd find someone who was friendly. Walking along the length of the fence, she found someone angrily kicking at it and she quickly stopped in her tracks, wondering if he was friendly. She could find a place to hide...except the area was rather barren of hiding places and even as she contemplated her options, she saw another kid standing nearby. 'Fortune favors the bold...doesn't it?'

"Hey!" Violetta shouted, pausing a bit as she tried to think over her words. "Are you two...are you two going to go along with this insane game of Danya's?!"
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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