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If she could see into the future, Tabi Gweneth would have said something. Instead she could only watch as Etain was punched square in the jaw. She didn't scream, she had no time. In a matter of seconds she found that Ivan was hiding behind her now. Which meant that she was now staring straight at the gun.

The world had become a little smaller for Tabi Gweneth. She could hear shouting, but she couldn't hear words. Beads of sweat moved gingerly down her mud caked face. All that she could see before her now, was the gun. She wanted to move away from here, she wanted to move, but her body had now frozen.

Her eyes darted back and forth, watching the gun move down, and then back up into the sky.


She had been to the occasional concert a few times in her life. At the end of the day she might have a little trouble hearing due to the excessive volume of the bands, or the blaring sounds from the DJ, but never in her life had she been deafened so much when that gun sounded off.

Her body, began to tense up. And while her ears continued to ring, sounds began to eek back into her brain.

She could only watch as the gun moved from the man behind him, to Etain and then-


Her eyes looked up to the woman with the gun. There was something in them, an intensity that sent shivers down her spine. She was serious, she was going to fire her gun at them, if she didn't give up the bag on her back...

Her body wouldn't move though, something was making her stay there, a gun was pointed at her.

And all she could do was bite her lip...

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