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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jason, Nathan, and himself. The world had still been torn apart, but at least it looked like the winter frost was no longer going to be so chilly, so biting. Before, it had been so painful. It hurt Brook to even think about just a few moments before, to when he was completely lost. Jason had helped him, helped hold it all together, and for that, he was thankful. He still felt on edge, though; it was going to be him and Jason against the world, it seemed. They both had a gun, but could Brook really count on things working out? He trusted his entire life with his best friend, his foolish, idiotic best friend who was also his wisest and smartest, most caring companion. It was himself that Brook couldn't trust. He was too weak.

Nathan's appearance was at least remedying this a little. Now they had a trio, each a foil for one another, yet another level-headed flower that could be counted on the vine. Maybe he didn't know Nathan as well as he knew Jason, but he could say the same for just about any other person at school. Nathan was just about the next-best thing, and Brook considered himself highly fortunate to have found two of his closest friends having awakened near him. Maybe, just maybe, fortune was smiling down on him a bit, telling him things would be alright. Brook looked to Jason, and found solace in his confidence. He also thought... no, knew, that things would be just fine.

"You got anyone you wanna look out for Nath? You too Brook..."

Brook looked up at Jason, then back down to the gun in his hands. He idly fiddled with the clunky-looking thing, keeping it pointed away from him and everybody else. For the moment, it was just a toy, something that he could work around with as he thought and spoke. "... M... maybe Tiffany, if we run into her..." He mumbled. His anxiety wasn't going to melt away in just a few moments, but Brook's shoulders had dropped considerably from where they had been hunched before, his tears dried, and his voice unchoked. This was as good as he could get for the moment. When Jason unfurled the map, Brook kneeled to get a closer look as well. The more he could concentrate on anything mundane, such as this map, it made it a little better. Peering at the picture of his destination (Brook couldn't help but notice that the island they were on was shaped similar to a cow-skull... he had never seen anything like it) on the map, he almost felt like they were on some sort of outdoorsman camping trip: it was their mission to get to a specific area by nightfall.

And the murder of your classmates, or yourself, was a real possibility.

"Gun's up guys, we should get moving soon, but take a minute or so to figure things out ok?"

"Oh... uh, give me a moment..." It had occurred to Brook that he hadn't really given his weapon, as odd as it looked, a full-out examination. "You want to help me with this, Jason? I... I haven't had enough time to..." Brook sulked to his daypack, sifting through the contents. A manual... he remembered something about a manual that could help him with this accursed thing. After a nice thorough search, sure enough, his hand had found the smooth pages of... a guide to survival? Not what he was looking for, at least for the moment. Maybe he could read it when they got to wherever the hell they were going, but not now. Brook sniffed a little, getting the excess snot out of his nose as he scooped and groped around again. Finally, his fingers found the manual, and he set about reading it to make sure he knew how to load his gun or... do whatever.

As he got himself set, Nathan had excused himself for a moment. Well, that was just fine, he could do that. "He got a gun too, huh..." Brook mumbled to himself. Jason was the only one within earshot when he said that, probably, but it wasn't even directed towards him... just an observation. When he heard that it was a gun, though, Brook's eyes lit up. He had gotten a gun, Jason had gotten a gun, Nathan had gotten a gun... did everybody get a gun? Or did this small, isolated group just get very lucky? For optimism's sake, and to keep himself useful for everybody else, he convinced himself it was the latter. Brook stood up, slinging his daypack over his shoulder, and sluggishly returned to the other two boys with the utmost effort being put into keeping his chin up.


"A-Augh, shit!" Brook choked, his hand nearly raising to point the gun again until his head had managed to process the voice, and Nathan responded in a less-than-worried manner.

It's... it's Ma'f? Hey, wh-what do you know... another friendly guy. Just... just calm down, Brook. Jason, Nathan, Ma'f... you're all gonna be cool. You're all going to make it.

His rough reactions to, well, just about everything made Brook think of something. He had already come to terms with his initial reaction of finding Jason, and that was embarassing enough to where he didn't want to go over that again... he rubbed the back of his head when he thought about it. Nathan, though... Nathan couldn't have felt too good when... "Hey, uh... no hard feelings about the gun being pointed at you... right Nat?" Brook mumbled, still on the fence about whether or not he should be worried about Ma'f, even if it was just because he wasn't in the mood for surprises today. "Hopefully we can just get out of here soon..."
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