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((Owen Rothschild continued from Where is My Mind?))

Owen breathed a sigh of relief as he reached the cliffs. Then he looked around. He seemed to have lost his allies, and was now alone on the Southern Cliffs. Unless he were to count the boy kicking the fence. Owen watched him for a moment before kneeling and digging his map out from his bag. There were a number of places on the island that he imagined would have been quite interesting if he were there at any other time, but at that moment the most interesting places to him would be the ones where he might find supplies. He'd probably be out of luck finding edible food, as the island had been abandoned for some time, but he might find some tools, or just a place to lie low for a little bit and get his head together.

He scanned the boy again, not seeing a weapon in his hand. For a brief moment he considered rushing him and taking him out. There was nobody to see him do it, and if Danya ratted him out he could make up a story about being attacked. After all, it's a game right?

Owen stopped himself before he did anything though. This isn't just a game, this is real life! Owen looked at the boy again. People are going to die if we go along with this. He chewed his lip thoughtfully. People are going to die anyway. Why shouldn't I be the winner?

He shook his head out and attempted to banish those thoughts from his head. He wasn't going to think like that. I'm not killing anybody. Not killing anybody.
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