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Gary felt more and more clueless with every sentence he heard from Trevor.

What? How does he know there's is a gun waiting in that box? How does he know this box is here? What's going on here? Is this a dream?

Without even realizing it, Gary nodded to Trevor as he told him his plan to confront 'Simon'. He doubted the fight was necessary, and both 'Simon' and Trevor were really overreacting, but it was no time to argue. He started looking as Trevor went toward the direction the other boy's voice was coming. He slowly followed him to see what will happen.

If the fight will occur, will he help Trevor? He didn't know...

Will he even try participate in eventual scuffle? He didn't know...

Will he run away like a coward during the first possible moment? He didn't fucking know. To be honest, Gary just stared outside of the corner just enough to see the situation without being seen himself, and hoped it really was some sort of a bad dream.
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