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Andrea was still thinking. Trying to get back to that 'plan' word.

She knew this show. Her knowledge was her advantage. So she would use that knowledge, and people would watch.

Yes, they would watch for her. But not because she was some psycho, she was way too smart for that, she was so fucking smart that she would know exactly what to do, and, and.... she had the sudden feeling of someone yelling at her to fucking CALM DOWN and stop your rambling thinking Andrea Raymer and take things one at a time!!

Her synapses slowed. Whoa. That had sounded kinda like Doc Mac, except more profane. But accurate enough. Remembering Doc Mac's occasionally sage pieces of advice would help her out here.

OK. OK. Okokokokokokok. One thing at a time. It didn't matter whether she felt pissed for how few pills she had or grateful for having any at all, because that didn't change the reality of the situation, duh, which was that she had a certain number, and them's the facts, as her dad liked to say. She would just need to ration them! Keep to a schedule or something!

That was shudder-worthy. The word 'schedule' was not often a part of Andrea's vocabulary. But well, them's the facts.

Her eyes popped open as Alex lobbed the shoe over. "Woo. Uh, thanks." she said, then closed them again, not really paying attention to his other comment.

OK. OK. Next thing. She'd look at the map, get a feel for the layout the island. Then she'd get the hell out of these woods, and figure out her actual position on it. And then she'd find a place, or a building, where she could sort through everything she had, and plan. See, that was easy. A basic start to the game, sure, but that was OK. It was workable, and she wasn't getting ahead of herself. One step at a time. Now, what about these other tw-

What the hell did Nick just say?

Andrea looked back up just in time to see Nick's bottle spiral through the air and hit a stump, spilling its precious cargo across the forest. Dang. Hadn't expected that from the pouty bastard.

Then she saw Alex. He'd come closer, like she suggested. But he didn't look quite right. No, he really didn't look like he was coming closer in a 'Hey alright, let's all get together and be snarky and philosophic about this situation, and let's all admire Andrea for being awesome and keeping everything together yay Andrea you rule' sort of way. He looked kinda pissed. He looked kinda like any number of kids she'd seen on previous shows.

Holy crap.

That suggestion might have been a bad idea.

And Nick responded to him.




She felt ice on her skin. Ho. Lee. Shit. This was all about to happen, it was going to happen here, these two were going to get Survival of the Fittest started and she had front row seats.

She didn't run. She didn't even say anything, hell, she couldn't, the only sound her throat was making was some kind of low "uhhhhhhh" thing, and she got to unsteady feet and looked over at Nick, who was just staring at Alex and twirling his bottle. And this was only the first hour of the game.

Andrea was more excited and terrified than she'd ever been in her life.
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