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As soon as the boy spoke--German, Simon remembered, he was the German one--Simon felt his eyes arch. "Really?" he said. "You, uh...can you really..." But no, there was no good way to pose his question. Either this other man was deluded beyond reason or he was more noble than Simon could believe. "I hope you find her, then."

The girl--the one whose name he wasn't sure of--spoke. Asked them if they were bad people. Simon's lips almost quirked--if he were evil, he would have known better than to answer that question honestly--but then she asked him if his name was Simon.

"Y-yeah," he managed, raking his brain for her name. "And you're..." He trailed off, unable to come up with a name. "Sorry," he said weakly. "I, uh...I don't have much of a head for names." He scratched at the back of his skull, mouth set in a line.

The German spoke once more--said something about wanting to help as many people as he could before he died. Was it all lipservice? Simon wanted to think of himself as a good person, but he didn't know if had such confidence in the others. Well-armed as this pair was--shotgun and an SMG, damned if that wasn't a combo to be feared--there were two hundred students on the island, and how many of those were just...just...

He closed his eyes, the darkness only aiding his recall. The teachers were being gunned down, and in the echo of those bullets he saw a door swing open, saw his father pitch to the floor. He charged forwards, someone hit him, and the teachers were gushing blood and his head was reeling and his sister was on the ground and-

I'm not him.

"If you ladies want to leave, I understand," Simon said, keeping his eyes closed and staying seated as he was, not reaching for the gun in his pocket. "I'd...I'd be glad to help, but the pair of you looks armed enough to be safe."
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