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Rein nodded to Simon who was only a short distance away. "Could be a lot better but at least I knov my girlfriend is safe at home. Vid Dat knovledge I dink I can die happy knoving she has a future..." Rein answered Simon.

Strange that he didn't exactly feel that way. His heart was constantly stuck in a mix of torment and joy. As he had said the thought of his girlfriend safe at home was enough to keep him going. The thought of never seeing her again was enough to make him cry. Yet the German had to stay strong. He knew she was watching him and he had to put up a brave face for her. He had to play the hero that she fell in love with. Not some monster. He had to die as Rein Bumgarner.

Which made the next question quite funny. Carol has just ask if he was a bad person. It was hilarious to think he was trying to act like who he was and then get ask if he was a bad man.

"I hope I'm not a bad person, Carol. I vant to try my best to help as many people as I can before I die. I hope you all dink de same vay." He stated while getting up. He turn around and saw Carol approaching Simon, and was obviously trying to help. Rein greatly appreciated that kind act. Just like how he saw the other girl trying to help Carol. Overall Rein had felt that these were good people. People that deserved to live. It wasn't like the group back at the armageddon woods filled with hostility. This group was generally looking out for one and other.

With that thought Rein approach the other girl. He extended his hand to hopefully have a quick handshake.

"Hi dere. I just vant to let you knov dat... I appreciated de fact dat you help Carol. I just came quite a distance from here and de people dere seem almost villing to kill one and other. So I just vant to say this once more; dank you for helping someone and that I'm villing to help you as long as I live on this island. My name is Rein Bumgarner and yours is?" He asked.
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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