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((OOC: Sorry Adam, I know you're getting hammered with schoolwork, and I've got other things I wanna do with this character at the moment.))

Alex Rasputin was no killer. He valued life, and he had always been told to help others when they needed it. Still, he grew up in less than ideal conditions and despite his intimidating size he still saw his fair share of violence. When he was being attacked, he would defend himself. Whether or not he caused the person serious injury was up to how long they were willing to put up with any assault that Alex would bring down upon them. So when he saw Eric's mangled body at the end of the hill, he wasn't exactly hysterical, but he wasn't all that pleased either. Alex couldn't really assess if Eric would survive his wounds or not, but it didn't look good. There was a reason he'd pushed him down the hill, and not the cliff - Alex had only intended to disable Eric, and stop him from hurting anyone else with that knife. Unfortunately for Eric, Alex didn't really account for the significant difference in mass between the both of them. The tumble Eric took would prove fatal, although Alex wouldn't find out until an announcement declares it so.

It was now he noticed the girls at the bottom of the hill scattering away from Alex, as well as another boy still standing at the bottom. Alex shot him a brief glare, and broke out into a run away from the Southern Cliffs and to...

Well, it really didn't matter where. Anywhere he wasn't getting attacked would suffice for the time being.

((Alex Rasputin continued elsewhere))
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