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Marion took a minute to pull her own flashlight from her pack. Rummaging around further she found her notebook and a pencil. These two items comforted her, in a way she hadn’t realized. She rearranged her pack so they sat on the top. The first thing she was planning on doing was writing all this down. It would make for an awesome story. Take that school paper! I could actually get this published in a real paper. She shook her head at the direction her thoughts had taken. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t get yourself out of these caves. She flipped the flashlight on and followed after Aston.

When the group started forward she broke the silence. “I’ve decided that I’m going to treat this whole experience as research for a story,” she said. “Some day my story will be found and then I’ll get printed in the Milwaukee Times or maybe the New York Times.”
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