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Brock gave Hunt an incredulous look as he made his offer. It sounded, well... nuts. You see a big guy with a gun that can't use said gun and his first instinct was to offer to teach him how to use it? It was placing an awful lot of trust in somebody, especially someone that you weren't exactly bosom buddies with. Brock couldn't see Hunt's angle, not unless the teaching he was going on about involved 'demonstration'. He'd effectively be making Brock into a much bigger threat.

Maybe he thought that in exchange for that, Brock would watch his back... shit. Another responsibility that he didn't want nor need. He'd likely have his hands full with Hilary, if and when he found her. He was a football player, not a babysitter nor a bodyguard. ...On the other hand, wasn't some back up better than no back up at all? Hunt didn't exactly cut an intimidating figure, but he was obviously no weakling, either.

"It all depends, Hunt. You ain't got anyone you wanna find? Buddies? More than buddies? I've got an agenda here and if you don't chime with it then it's best we know sooner rather than-"

The soft voice of a girl interrupted him. Brock looked around to see said girl standing not far from him and Hunt, holding some kind of sword. He couldn't recall her name, though knew her face from a couple of classes he was sure they shared. Probably one of the smart kids that breezed through every subject, he considered bitterly.

"What do you want?" Brock said bluntly, not bothering to stand. There wasn't time for socialising.

Then, somebody else called out. The jock rolled his eyes. These woods were a lot more crowded than he'd first thought.
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