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There were a few moments of silence. In her hiding place, Rosa sweated, a knot of anxiety clenching her stomach in a death grip. She felt certain that she'd made a mistake and that any moment now a volley of bullets was going to rip through the sofa and tear into her body- the girl spoke again.

You figured it out, huh? Is my voice really that distinctive?

She didn't respond. She wasn't going to be drawn into talking further until she was sure that the intruder wasn't trying to figure out her position. Rosa hadn't become any less guarded after she'd been identified, because that would've been nothing short of idotic. Did it matter if the other girl knew her? Not particularly. They were in the same year; to some extent or another they all knew each other. Rosa didn't believe for a second that it would stop everyone from killing.

For Rosa, that was a non-argument. There were serious assholes in this world, she'd run across some of them and could put names to some of those faces (hello JJ Sturn!). Out of everyone in the year that had come out on this trip, the odds that none of them would be willing to put their lives in front of everyone elses were ludicrous. Most people were selfish and although for a majority of the class, that wouldn't transmit to murder... it would for enough of them.

Which was why, when Rosa's identification led to a sound of relief from the intruder, the Fiametta was sceptical. Either the other girl was hopelessly naive, or she was trying to lull her into a false sense of security. What the hell did she know about Rosa to be so confident about her motives? Unless she was some sort of mind reader, the answer was 'not a goddamn thing'.

Osborne, huh? What do I know about you? ...Kinda hot. A little vain, I guess. Wow. That gives me fuck all.

At the next question, Rosa again refused to make a sound. Vera could assume away, there was no way in hell she was going to get Rosa to confirm she was unarmed. The stalemate was going nowhere but if the other girl had bad intentions, keeping things secret was the only advantage Rosa was going to get.

"Unload the gun, then slide it a little way away from that door. Then we'll talk," Rosa's voice was perfectly even and she was amazed at the absence of any tremor. If Vera wasn't going to play ball with that, Rosa would just have to take her chances with the windows behind her hiding place. It was the best offer she was prepared to give.
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