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Shortly after she'd screamed for help, Gloria heard footsteps--and then a voice. But in this place, with this game, she didn't know if that was an act of God or Satan. Either one of them could be toying with her right now, maybe both of them were. Question was who had sent THIS person. The bespectacled girl looked up sharply, wiping the tears off her glasses fiercely, leaving wet tracks on the glass.

A girl...not that a girl couldn't be capable of cold-blooded murder, but somehow, in Gloria's mind, they seemed less likely. A girl could be compassionate...maybe? The way the light hit Jessie's face made Gloria flinch, her heart hammer, but it was better than nothing at all--better than there only being the sound of her skull cracked in or something. "J-Jessie..." she whimpered, trembling slowing a little. She still didn't uncurl herself from her little ball, however. "Nngh...I--I'm..."

The tears came faster now, Gloria's sobs coming fast again, making her cough and sputter--Gloria was sure that was horribly unattractive. "D--Don't hurt me...p-p-ple-please don't h-hurt me!" She grabbed at her bag, but didn't move it. "D-Do-Don't..."

But wait...Jessie didn't have a weapon out...just that flashlight, and if she smacked Gloria with it, then the light would go out, and then she'd never get out of the tunnels, and... "Y-Y-You won't...P-promise you w-won't...?" she sobbed, a bit quieter. "J-Just wan-wanna go home..."
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