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{{continued from Wood and Wire}}

Maria managed to catch up with Dustin pretty quickly after they left the Logging Happy Grand Time Adventure (or whatever it was called,) and as the two of them and Cass walked along, she fought back the silence with all kinds of important, one-sided discussions. Like how many ten year-olds Teddy Roosevelt could take in a fight, or whether Coke was better than Pepsi (it totally was,) or, best of all, that was she was thankful that she already had her period before the trip, so she wouldn't have to deal with it now among everything else. It seemed like her brain was just going everywhere at once, and...well, it was. The more distractions there were, the less she had to think about her present situation. Probably not the best thing, but it worked for her. She didn't give a damn about the game, or that she was expected to kill people. All she really cared about right now was gathering the rest of her friends, Duncan, Warren and Max. She'd figure out what to do then after that.

Finally, she saw a building off in the distance. "Oh, I'll go check it out." She said, running off for the building before her two companions could stop her. Fortunately, she knew to stop a good distance away when she saw people nearby.

"Hey!" She said, waving her arms as she approached in case the sudden 'Hey!' wasn't enough for some reason. "Are you guys playing? Cause it'd be really nice if we could run into somebody else who isn't playing, cause there's some people I'm looking for." Finally getting close enough, she realized that she recognized some of these people.

There was Fiona Sparki, the cheerleader, and another member of the rock scene, even if just a spectator. Though others would consider her fat, Maria found that that extra weight made her strangely huggable. Like Andy Richter.

And there was Alex Jackson, the wrench monkey and Roman Jackson's brother. She'd heard about how she'd fixed up a Ford Mustang all on her own, and thought that was pretty damn cool. She wished she could do something like that, but she couldn't even tell the difference between a spark belt and a fender stick. Hell, she didn't even know if those things were real car parts!

And there was Jessica Pentangeli. ...she didn't really know anything about her, actually.

And there was Nik Kronwall, the practically-pro hockey player. She had to admit, even though she had been dating Zach for much of the time Nik had been at school, she actually found him to be pretty hot. If there had ever been the option of a threeso-...Maria quickly decided to ditch that train of thought.

And there was Warren Brown, lying on the ground, covered in his own blood.


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