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It was impossible not to notice the gun. Jasper was holding it, not particularly threatening but there was the fact that he was actually holding it. And a gun was a gun. Erik found his eyes being drawn to the black hole of a muzzle, some rational and cool part of his mind wondering if he would see the explosion propelling the tiny bit of metal towards him, or not. He wondered if it would be better or worse, to know it was coming.

He was taking too long. The rational part of his mind was clamoring to be heard, reminding him that he was standing in front of an armed boy, possibly one who would want to kill him (but who, really, would kill other classmates? he couldn't imagine anyone), and he needed to focus. He swallowed hard, biting the inside of his cheek and using the sharp flare of pain to pull himself back into the present.

"Great. Uh - great." Trying to seem unobtrusive about it, Erik sidled in front of Mike, shielding the slightly smaller student with his body, trying to look non-threatening and not someone you would want to take on in a fight at the same time. "So if it's all cool then, you know, we're all buddies and all, could you just - put the gun down?" He chuckled nervously. "Only it's a little. You know. Kind of intimidating."

A brief pause.

"Unless that's the point. In which case hey, man, fill your boots, but with someone else. 'Cause, uh, neither of us are gonna get in your way or anything. Or go for you. Um, I don't know what Mike got, but my weapon's a porno, so...unless you get off on a Chinese torture skin flick and accidentally blow your collar while jerking it, I'm not super worried."
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