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((Was skipped. T_T))

Carol was brought to her feet, and before she knew it, she and Kari were in a hug.

"Kari..." Carol said, again, in a low voice.

She wasn't sure if she could accept this. This had to be a sick joke, right? They had to be able to get out of here. Maybe the teachers were playing some kind of joke on them, and any minute they would jump out and say "Surprise!". It wasn't as if- Oh hell. It had to be real. They were stuck here, and supposed to kill their own friends with their bare hands. Carol couldn't do that. She never saw herself as hurting her friends, either. She always saw those she heard about in the news or in the media she played or watched as horrible people, that did not deserve her sympathy. No good person would do that to their friends.

Of course. Her friends would never hurt her. They had no reason to, and they were, of course, her friends. They would all try to help her, and she would help them, of course. Carol never saw the other members of the Entourage as horrible people. How could they be horrible? Sure, they had flaws, like most people, but Carol adored them so.

But, how many members of the group had gone on the trip? All of them, she could remember. Reiko, Paige, Amber, Jacob, Ben, they were all on the bus. Every single member of the "Entourage" was there, which meant they were here. Oh god, they were going to die too.

She heard another person call out, and Kari released her grip. Carol could see two people standing on the beach, looking concerned. Two boys, by the look of it. One's name was on the tip of her tongue... who was that? Red hair, glasses, kind of chubby... damn, she knew who it was, but she couldn't quite grasp his name. Who was it? The other one was a blond guy, and one she could have only seen around a couple of times.

Who were they?

Kari didn't seem to like them, for some reason. She told the two boys that Carol needed some space, and that the two of them should just go. At the mention of a daypack, Carol looked around her, and noticed two bags lying on the beach just where she had woken up. Carol staggered towards the bags, her heart racing as she tried her best to avoid gazing at the water, and looked down.

Unzipping a dufflebag, she noticed that her things that she had packed inside the trip were inside it. She quickly zipped it up, and went to the other, a bag with her name and "G015" written on it. Was that also hers? It was sitting on a stick or something. Wait a second, that wasn't a stick...

Carol moved the bag aside, and her eyes widened at what it was. She had seen such things in the games she would play, and very often, the heroes in many movies would use such a thing to gun down some baddies. In the games, she would just shoot the zombies or whatever it was she had to fight with sheer delight, while in the movies, she would consider the scene where the hero shot the bad guy to be "badass". But, now that she was looking at a gun, she wasn't sure what to think. It was definite proof that she was going to have to kill people just to survive, of course. It wasn't as if she was just itching to try it out, of course. Sure, under other circumstances, she could have used it at a firing range or something, just to see how it worked. But, here was not the case.

She picked up the gun, moving it around in her hands. It was black, and appeared to be made of metal. Carol looked back at the two boys. Were they... good people? They seemed worried about her, at least. But, they were her classmates! They couldn't hurt her! It wasn't as if the entire class was made of psycho killers, after all.

She gripped the top of the gun by the barrel using her left hand, and slowly approached the two. Even if Kari didn't like them, they were still good people, right? No one could jump to killing that easily, especially the people she knew.

As she walked, it was as if she was learning how to all over again. Her legs seemed very weak, and could possibly give way again any second now. Normally, Carol was the happy sort, always remaining cheerful and carefree with a big smile on her face. But, if anyone who had met her before had seen her now, they would be surprised at how scared she looked. All that cheer had been replaced by all the water and the knowledge that she was going to have to kill her loved ones somewhere along the line.

Carol stopped a few feet away from them, just standing there holding "her" gun. She took a deep breath, and, with a slight waver in her voice, said "You... you... you aren't bad people, right?"

She looked at the redheaded one, and suddenly his name came to her. "You're Simon... right?"

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