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((Maxwell Lombardi continued from Wake Me Up...))

Tracking, as it happened, was a lot harder in practice then it was made to look in the movies. Especially seeing as it was never really one of Maxwell's strong points. He'd been on a couple of fox hunting trips in the past, back when he used to live in England. Back then he tended to rely on his more experience comrades when it came to tracking down sneaky little bastards... Now though, it seemed all he had was his own wits when it came down to tracking down THIS sneaky little bastard.

Well, sneaky wasn't the best way to describe her. Neither was bastard for that matter. Every time Maxwell was about to give up and move on, he'd always come across another reason to go on. Sometimes he'd spot her in the distance, other times he'd come across a small footprint he was sure belonged to her. Never did he move on for an extended amount of time without finding some clue as to where she was headed... Until now, anyway.

He was finally convinced that he'd lost her trail after spending half an hour following a set of footprints that led to nowhere. He continued walking in the same direction long after the footprints had stopped, and by this point he was certain that he'd finally lost her.

Damnit! Now what? The chances of coming across another cretin on this damn island who i'm already acquainted with is practically nil...

After spending the past hour or so mainly looking the floor, he finally took the opportunity to take note of the surroundings. From the looks of things, nothing particularly special. Grassy ground, a tall hill, a couple of trees, a Ferris wheel, a bush or two...

... Wait, what?

At first he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but sure enough there in the distance stood the undeniable shape of a large Ferris wheel.

Well thats... Unexpected. Guess I may as well check the map for any Ferris wheels so I can a better idea where one earth I am...

He quickly fetched the map from his pocket, where he'd folded up and kept for safe keeping, and after quickly looking over it spotted a location on the map labelled as the Fun Fair. Ah, that makes sense... Hmm, i'll have a better view atop that hill over there.

It wasn't exactly the highest hill he'd ever climbed, barely ten or so metres high, but even so it still provided a good enough view for Maxwell. As he reached the top he spotted two things. The first being that yes, there WAS Fun Fair... But he was much more interested in the the second thing. Namely that Reiko Ishida, the girl he'd been searching for the whole time, was right there in the Gazebo standing a yard or so directly in front of him.

Well now, what ARE the chances...

He froze. From the looks of things she hadn't spotted him yet, seeing as she was looking in the opposite direction and everything. Good. Maxwell wanted to be in complete control of the situation, which he couldn't have if Reiko had the element of surprise on her side.

Only problem now was how to approach her...

Wait wait... When she LAST saw me, I was still putting on that "Hugh Grant" act to impress Vanessa... No, wait. I meant Valerie... No, wait. I meant...... Oh whatever, i'm losing my train of thought... As far as this girl's aware, I'm just some dashingly handsome, albeit somewhat clumsy, gentleman who went out with a friend of her girlfriend... I suppose that'll mean i'll have to put on that very same act just to keep her from getting suspicious of me... Typical.

However, that doesn't change the fact that I've still yet to figure out a way of approaching her without raising too much suspicion... Hmm....


Maybe I can... No, that'd be too risky. Besides, i'll probably ruin my best suit in the process... Why the bloody hell did I bother to wear this to some camping trip anyway?!?

Then again, do I have any better ideas?


*Sigh*, alright then... God, I hope I don't end up breaking my neck by accident.

He unbuckled the shield from his left arm and tossed it down the hill, making sure it landed somewhere safe. After all, if he was really going to go through with this stupid idea, he may as well take some mild precautions as he did so. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and in an act of deliberate foolishness slipped down the hill like an idiot. He rolled over several times, cursing and shouting as he tumbled down. By the time he'd reached the bottom, his once clean white suit was covered in dirt, and several of his bodyparts were aching quite painfully.

"OW! Bugger, my arm!" he whined pitifully, partially to get Reiko's attention and partially because his arm really DID get hurt on the way down... Not too much though, but he made sure to make a bigger fuss about it than he usually would.

This had better damn well work...
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