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Thanks to Jackie's lifetime of theatre, she managed to keep herself standing upright and her face straight. If she hadn't lived her life the say she had, she would have done what she had wanted to do: crumpled to the ground in relief that she wasn't shot in the back. Despite this, she still let out a jagged sigh as she walked alongside Garrett.

"…That was pretty good, kid."

"Don't expect me to be able to do much more than that. I'm just an actress, so I can only act tough." Jackie said in response, still severely shaken by the last minute. "But you're a real tough guy, so you should be able to make up for that, right?" She wasn't even trying to flirt or anything; it was just a fact that Garrett was clearly the physically strongest one present.

The map that he had taken out of his bag reminded Jackie that she, too, had such supplies. Her throat had grown coarse from the crying and yelling and carrying on, so she unzipped her bag just enough to stick her hand in and dug around for a water bottle. As she felt around the bag, she was able to come across something clunky, hard, and cold.

It had a trigger and a handle.

She was unable to decipher how she felt about this revelation. Before she knew it, she was already drinking out of the water bottle. The sweet, sweet liquid cooled her throat and quenched her thirst. Putting the bottle back into the bag, she zipped it back up without a word and followed Garrett.

((Jackie Maxwell, continued in All That I've Ever Known))
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