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((Saul Fetteralf continued from The 8-Ball Knows))

"Fuck," Saul muttered, looking at he map. He knew he was lost. He chewed his lip, continuing his march, his companions in tow. Then, he heard Cyrille pipe up again, asking once more if he was sure he knew where they were going, Miranda adding in her two cents. Attempting to keep his head cool, he turned around and calmly said, "Honestly, Cyrille, Miranda, no. I have no clue where we are. Map reading isn't as easy as I thought it was."

He sighed, turning back around. The truth was, he had no clue what he was doing. He was wandering around, hoping he was following the compass properly. He was scared. Scared he was leading them to somewhere more dangerous. He stopped, leaning against a tree to let them catch up, when he heard Cyrille's excited voice. He turned his head, seeing her run into and disappear into the mouth of a cave she found. Fucking hell, he thought, what is her deal?

He rushed to where Garry and Miranda were standing, seeing Garry disappear in after her, and gave an exasperated groan, "Did I not tell her about fucking ca-"

His complaint was cut short by Cyrille's call from inside the cave, hearing her voice echo against the walls. He gritted his teeth, nodding to Miranda's statement. "They're gonna get themselves killed," he responded, stepping into the cave mouth, his hand against the rough rock wall.

He soon caught up with the two and gave a growling whisper, "Cyrille, keep your voice down! Just because it looks empty, doesn't mean it is! What if a player is in here?"

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